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Efficient order fulfilment processes

For a first-class fulfilment service, call Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd in Oldham.


With our infrastructure and technical knowledge, we can help you achieve high customer satisfaction and get repeat business. The right fulfilment service can reduce your overheads and help you expand your business.

A completely seamless process

Our experienced, highly trained, and dedicated team will fulfil your orders for you from our warehouse. It’s a completely seamless process and you won’t have to worry about stock levels or distribution. We can carry out all your distribution for you. We use the latest technology to monitor and label your goods to ensure that the right stock is selected, packed, and distributed to the correct location on time and within budget.

The 3rd Party Fulfilment Model

Your Store


Your products are purchased or manufactured and shipped to your warehouse


Your store's inventory is synched with the inventory at your fulfilment partner


Your fulfilment partner picks, packs and ships the order to your customer


Your customer places and pays for an order

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The 3rd party fulfilment model may be perfect for you and your growing business.


Many startups simply outgrow doing it themselves, so outsourcing is a good way for them to actually focus on growing their business as opposed to packing orders all day.


Reduced costs are another benefit – by renting a small warehouse/unit and hiring staff to fulfil orders, with the seasonal peaks it is difficult to turn off staff costs when orders are low. With us, you only pay us when a customer makes a purchase.


We are trained and experienced, therefore can take away the hassle of everything. All the customer must do is source and buy the product and from delivery to us we take care of initial inventory, through to the picking and packing process, all the way through to organising the delivery of the goods to the consumer.

Same day dispatch service

We provide a same day dispatch service, so you can fulfil your orders swiftly and get your stock out to your customers within 24 hours. From receiving and checking your stock, storing it in our warehouse, and updating your sales records, we provide a complete fulfilment service. We can notify your customers that their orders are on the way and keep you updated on stock levels. With our support, it’s never been easier to ensure customer satisfaction.

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A truly bespoke fulfilment system

We are specialists in fulfilment and have integrated this into our storage and transportation services. Although we deliver across the UK and have all the infrastructure and equipment necessary to provide a first-class service, we are still able to provide a flexible, customer focussed approach and we will offer a truly bespoke order fulfilment system that will be exactly what your company needs. As your company expands, we will expand our service to match.

Are you looking for a professional, reliable order fulfilment service?

For bespoke fulfilment services, call Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd in Oldham. Our services include warehouse storage and transportation.

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