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Secure storage area

Value added services

At Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd in Oldham, we add value by going above and beyond expectations with our core warehouse and transport activities and services.

Returns process or reverse logistics

If a customer decides they want to use us for their reverse logistics (returns), at Pegasus we can evaluate the condition of all returns and either follow guidelines set out by the customer or evaluate with our experienced team, supported with photo evidence in order to decide whether the product can be put back to stock and added back to the inventory or not. We can also offer sustainable disposal of most products.

Large storage area with support pillars

Quality control

We understand that our role in your supply chain means that you may not regularly be able to see and check the finished product that you may have sourced from the UK or overseas. When new products arrive, we can offer a quality control process on the goods and also we can offer to send a sample out to you so that you can check the quality yourself.

Oversized products

Through our experience, we know that some warehouses struggle to handle oversized and difficult products. We tend to excel in these challenges where other warehouses may see it as a job that is ‘not worth the hassle.’

Warehouse worker loading boxes
Close-up of box being loaded in warehouse

Co-packing and Pre-retail

Some of our services include:


  • Production logistics

  • Contract packing

  • Pre-retail

  • Fulfilment

Cross-docking and rejected loads

We work alongside not only customers supplying goods but also alongside haulage companies either locally or ones we partner with. Loads can often be rejected for a variety of reasons (incorrect paperwork, late arrival, damaged load). Pegasus understands that the load may not be able to be rebooked for several days. Therefore, offering a service where we can safely store the goods, which in turn allows the vehicle and trailer to carry on working. We can also rework rejected loads where the stock may be damaged or if a pallet simply needs restacking safely.

Storage loading bay

Do you require secure warehouse storage facilities?

Contact Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd in Oldham.

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