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Warehouse worker and boxes

Warehouse storage

Choose Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd in Oldham, we can fulfil all your storage requirements.

Secure storage services

All of our warehouses are covered by CCTV around the clock.


We provide flexible and comprehensive 3pl warehouse solutions that suit any supply chain. From initial contact Pegasus are driven to understand the customers’ needs, first and foremost. From there we develop a comprehensive, tailored warehouse solution that fixes the problem at hand. We can offer the flexibility of short-term rental agreements (pay as you go) or a detailed warehousing partnership of 1-5 year contracts, complete with agreed SLA (service level agreement).

Two warehouse workers


Here at Pegasus, we know that warehousing and logistics is not a one size fits all model. That is why our warehouse, team and equipment can cope with almost anything. From unloading loose containers, servicing double deck trailers, coping with a whole variety of different sized vehicles, Pegasus can make sure your goods are loaded and unloaded safely. Our WMS integration can provide live access to your inventory management, so you know what stage of the process your goods are at whether that is on inbound or outbound.

Warehouse storage

We are specialists in providing comprehensive storage solutions and services that are tailored to your needs. Our storage services are available whether you need them for a short or long period. We will take the time to develop an understanding of your business which will enable us to effectively anticipate and meet your needs. With many companies turning to online platforms to sell their goods, Pegasus is able to offer quality warehousing and fulfilment criteria that meet the needs of our customers.

Warehouse and truck
Storage area

Benefits of our storage services

We have the ability to pick up and distribute for next day delivery, and we understand the need to constantly adapt to new ways of delivering goods and new requirements set out by national retailers. By choosing Pegasus to store and distribute your goods, you can rely on the fact that your investments are safe and secure. Our dedicated team will always ensure your goods go out on the day or hour you require and that we will work with you on a personal level to help grow your business. If you grow, we grow.

A list of warehouse services we provide are:

  • Loose container load and unload

  • Pallet storage (racked and non-racked)

  • Long term and short-term storage options

  • Order pick and pack

  • FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) pallet storage

  • Full inventory management

  • Palletisation and packaging

  • Local container storage

Do you require secure warehouse storage facilities?

Contact Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd in Oldham to keep your goods safe whilst they are being stored. We also offer transportation and bespoke order fulfilment services.

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