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Transport services

For experienced transport services, call Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd in Oldham.


We have the infrastructure to provide safe and efficient storage and transportation of a wide range of goods. We can receive, pack, store and distribute goods across the UK.

HGV transportation of goods

Our wide range of delivery vehicles includes HGVs and low loader haulage vehicles to transport large amounts of stock. We have the perfect transportation system for your business, whether you need light haulage, heavy or bulk haulage, full or part load haulage. Pegasus are committed to customer service and will provide reliable, efficient, and safe transportation of your goods across the UK. We have experienced drivers and professionals who will ensure your shipments are delivered in top condition and on time.

pegasus trucks fleet

Safe and efficient storage and transportation

Using Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd’s own transport offers several advantages:


Seamless Integration: By utilising Pegasus’s own transport services you ensure a seamless integration between warehousing & transportation, minimising handoffs and potential delays.


Reliability: Pegasus’s dedicated own transport fleet can provide reliable and consistent service, ensuring on-time deliveries and minimising the risk of disruptions compared to relying on third-party carriers.


Cost Savings:  In some cases, using Pegasus’s own transport can lead to cost savings compared to outsourcing transportation to third-party carriers, especially for regular or low volume shipments.


Visibility and Control: By utilising Pegasus’s own transport, you gain greater visibility and control over the entire logistics process, from warehousing to delivery, allowing for better coordination and management of your supply chain.


Leveraging Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd’s own transport services can streamline your logistics operations, enhance reliability, and provide greater flexibility to meet your business needs. Our fleet are all Euro 6 emissions compliant.

Retail stock storage

Our reliable storage systems are flexible enough to store any kind of retail stock, and they can be customised to meet your business needs in a responsive and cost-effective way. Our warehouse management systems are state-of-the-art, and we have the experience and infrastructure to be able to provide a bespoke storage system that is ideal for your business. However long you need to store your stock, whether it is for the long or short term, we can provide a cost-effective storage solution for you.

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Container transportation and storage

Pegasus can help your supply chain further by collecting your containers from the port and delivering them to our warehouse to be unloaded. If you are having trouble with expensive demurrage fees, speak to our team who can offer you a cost-effective solution to bring the containers to our local secure storage location and keep them safe for when the warehouse are ready to unload them. We can then return them to the port, or your shipping line can collect them from us.

Are you looking for reliable transport services?

Contact Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment Ltd in Oldham for an efficient, cost-effective service. We also specialise in warehouse storage and order fulfilment.

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